Friday, December 10, 2010

"GOP wave hits House but Dems win big in California"

Here is an audio link to an interview I did on the local NPR station about the November 2010 election results:

From the KPCC website:

"The dust has mostly settled on midterm election 2010. As predicted, Republicans took over the House, netting 60 seats so far. In a press conference this morning, President Obama acknowledged that voters are “frustrated” with the pace of economic recovery. But in California, Dems won big, despite high unemployment and economic uncertainty. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer beat GOP challenger Carly Fiorina. Meg Whitman lost the Governor’s race to Jerry Brown, despite dropping $160-million on her bid. Why did Dems do so well in the Golden State and not so well nationally? What do all the GOP victories mean moving forward? Larry talks with candidates and movers and shakers on the left and right, about the impact of this pivotal election and what comes next."

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