Friday, December 10, 2010

"Follow the money - your guide to California's well funded propositions"

Here is an audio link to an interview I did on the local NPR station about the money behind the California November 2010 ballot measures:

From the KPCC website:

"So you procrastinated filling out your sample ballot and aren’t sure how you should vote. Don’t fret; Patt has the 411 on all the propositions. Not sure if you should legalize marijuana (Prop 19), give the green light to redistricting (Prop 20 & 27), or direct more money to parks (Prop 21)? Patt can help. The key to knowing the real interests behind these propositions, which could help in your decision to support or oppose them, is to follow the money trail. Special interests abound in this election, from medical marijuana growers to state employees to huge oil companies, and they have been very liberal in steering their money for and against causes that could hurt their bottom lines. As we delve into the potential impact of each proposition we’ll also reveal who has funded the campaigns. Get your pens ready and hide your wallets, as we mix politics and money on election eve."

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