Saturday, October 13, 2012

Candidates must stay cool or face Brad Sherman-Howard Berman-style YouTube moment

Quoted in this piece re Berman v. Sherman.

Here is an excerpt:

Embarrassing video moments would seem to hurt mainly the candidates caught in them. But Jessica Levinson, an associate professor at Loyola Law School who studies election law, said such episodes can also reinforce voter disgust with politicians in general, making them a wash.
But the upside of the always-on media world is that there will surely be another scandal to feed the 24-hour news cycle. Election Day is 3 1/2weeks away -- an eternity in YouTube terms.

"Voters do to a certain extent have amnesia or the ability to look the other way," Levinson said.

By Election Day, she said, some voters might remember that there was some sort of scuffle between Sherman and Berman, but forget the details. But Berman could try to keep it in their minds by buying campaign ads, Levinson added.

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