Thursday, October 18, 2012

Campaign watchdogs say Arizona group's $11 million donation exploits loophole in California law

Quoted in this one in the Sac Bee. 

Here is an excerpt: 

In California's ever-expensive ballot wars, voters typically know who funds advertisements that hold great sway with the electorate.
But that may be changing.
An Arizona-based nonprofit named Americans for Responsible Leadership gave $11 million this week to defeat Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative and curb unions' political power without saying where a single dime originated.
Campaign watchdogs say such donations exploit a loophole in California campaign finance law. Nonprofits can shield donors as long as money was never earmarked, with the burden of proof falling on state regulators already deluged with work.
"It is vitally important information for the public," said Jessica Levinson, a professor atLoyola Law School who formerly worked at the watchdog group Center for Governmental Studies. "The identity of a speaker allows the public to evaluate the credibility of the claims that are made by using this money."

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