Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Campaign Finance Ruling May Make NYC a Model for the Nation"

Jessica Levinson is quoted in this story on WNYC.org.

If the Supreme Court rules against the Clean Elections program, a number of campaign public finance programs nationwide may be in for a redesign. Jessica A. Levinson ... said that because the Arizona case specifically targets trigger funds, it “will likely have long-reaching implications for other jurisdictions that have similar provisions.”

“Every jurisdiction that provides additional funds to publicly financed candidates in the face of either high spending, in the face of a privately-financed opponent or an outside expenditure group will have to reevaluate those provisions and probably take them off the books.”

“I think it is very likely that many jurisdictions, both on the local and state level, will look to the success of New York’s program and will adopt that kind of small-donor model where there is an initial amount of money that a candidate raises and then there is a high match,” said Levinson.

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